Stunning 5 Bedroom Property *for sale*

An exceptional 5 bedroom property, located in Hagen, boasting an impressive amount of living space (+/- 500m2) as well as exceptional views over a beautifully landscaped garden with an idyllic pond.


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Exceptional 5 Bedroom Property *for rent*

A modern 5 bedroom house, located in the beautiful surroundings of Roodt-sur-Syre, the neighbouring village of Niederanven, and only a 15 min drive to Lux-City. The property features high end materials throughout its 220m2 of open plan living space as well as a beautifully landscaped garden, a terrace and a large balcony.

Roodt sur syre
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A phone that can control your house ?

No more flicking switches and no more accidentally leaving the lights on! Samsung has designed a smartphone app to turn off lights and home appliances, which allows householders to control  appliances by voice via their phone.

Samsung's smart house will enable people to turn off household appliances and lights using their smartphone or Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The fact the South Korean tech giant is pushing the smart home idea is expected to take the technology from the laboratory to the mass market

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You might want to look closely when buying a coastal home

This coastal home is for sale on the market for £25000 – £50000, which might seem as an absolute bargain at first sight. However, when looking at it more closely and doing some further research one can see that over the past 15 year (only 15 years!) the house has lost two of its neighbouring plots due to coastal erosion. So chances are pretty high that this lovely coastal home, which looks like such a bargain, might fall into the sea in the near future.  See the before and after photographs below (there really is just 15 years in between these two pictures):

In 1998: The house, near the centre of this picture, was on firmer ground before neighbouring buildings disappeared

Now: The house for sale is about 26ft from the edge of the cliff following December's surge tides at Easton Bavents near Southwold

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Exceptional 4 Bedroom Property for Sale

This exceptional 4 bedroom contemporary house, located in Lamadelaine, boasts a huge amount of open plan living space (320m2) and at the same time successfully combines practicality and luxury, offering state-of-the-art technology such as domotics, an integrated multizone BOSE audio system, an alarm system, underfloor heating, etc. Furthermore, the house features a south facing terrace and garden with direct access to a forest.