Property for sale in sought after location

FARE offers you an exceptional freestanding property, with a landscaped courtyard and garden, in a prime location in Senningerberg. This beautifully renovated 4 bedroom property has been built on a 12.9a plot of land, and offers around 219m2 of open plan living space.


Ground Floor:

On the ground floor the property features a generous and bright entrance hall, from which you can see through the house into the garden, providing an impressive view upon entering the property. To the left of the entrance hall are a guest toilet and a laundry & utility room with a shower, which is accessible through a discrete sliding door. Straight on from the entrance hall, a glass door opens up to the living area, whilst a door to the right leads to the office.


Going through the glass door into the main open plan living area, there is a dining area to the left, and a generous living room area with a fire place to the right.

The dining area features floor to ceiling windows, which allow for an idyllic view over the pond, which comes right up to the house, and the garden. The living area also features sliding floor to ceiling glass fronts throughout and provides exceptional views over the landscaped garden. Furthermore the living area benefits from built in shelving units, as well as a built in BOSE sound system and built in floor radiators.


From the living room, double sliding doors lead to a large eat-in kitchen, which features a custom built cupboards with plenty of storage space and appliances from Küppersbusch and Smeg. Furthermore, the kitchen features an eye-catching porthole window, which can also be seen from the living area. The kitchen further features a generous eating corner which is surrounded by sliding veranda glass doors, allowing lots of light to enter, making the kitchen a very bright and friendly space, with a stunning view over the terrace and the garden. The kitchen also features a built in BOSE sound system and built in floor radiators.

Also situated on the ground floor, is a well-sized office, which can be reached from both the kitchen and the entrance hall. Additionally, the office also features floor to ceiling windows and a beautiful view over the gravel courtyard. IMG_0793.CR2

First Floor:

From the ground floor hallway, a staircase with dimmable spotlights leads up to the first floor. Accessible from the first floor landing is a separate toilet, a shower-room, two well-sized bedrooms with wash basins in the rooms, and a generous master bedroom. The master bedroom features a walk through wardrobe with built-in wardrobes which leads through sliding doors to an en suite bathroom with separate bathtub, large corner shower, and separate toilet. The master bedroom also features dimmable spotlights throughout.


Second floor:

From the first floor landing a wooden staircase leads up to the second floor which has been converted into a large bedroom with a wash basin in the room. The bedroom features beautiful half round windows to the front and the back of the property as well as original beam feature, which gives the room that added charm. The room also features plenty of eaves storage space.



The terrace and garden are both accessible from the kitchen and living area. The terrace, which is built a little higher than the rest of the garden,  features a generous dining area in front of the kitchen, as well as a lounge area right next to the pond. The lounge area therefore offers an idyllic setting with the pond next to it and stunning views over the garden.

The gravel courtyard in front of the property is also accessible from the garden and the terrace, and offers enough space to park up to 5 cars.



From the living area, a door is leading down to the basement area, which provides access to a garage, which fits 1.5 cars as well as 1 additional parking space in the garage driveway. Furthermore, the basement features two well-sized storage rooms, of which one has a door to the garden, as well as a technical room (gas heating) and a wine corner.



The property is located in a residential neighbourhood of Senningerberg, in the city council of Niederanven, and in immediate proximity of local amenities such as supermarkets, shops, banks, an excellent crèche, sports facilities (golf, fitness, tennis, etc.), motorways, airport etc. Whilst being an approximate 5 minute drive away from Luxembourg-Kirchberg (hospital, large supermarket, cinema, etc.) and a 10 minute drive away from the City Centre, the property is located in immediate proximity of the forest, which allows for long idyllic walks. In addition to this the property also benefits from having several restaurants within walking distance, as well as a 24h/7 petrol station at the end of the street. Furthermore, Senningerberg benefits from extensive public transport, with busses every 15 minutes, and due to its convenient location it allows for several different possibilities to reach the city centre during rush hours.


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8 Winter Home Improvement Tips


  • Have your boiler serviced – servicing your boiler will prevent it from breaking down when you need it most. An annual service will ensure that your boiler is safe and running at its most efficient, as well as detect any minor faults which could lead to serious problems. A gas boiler should only be serviced by a Gas Safe boiler specialist; if you have an oil boiler then you need to hire an OFTEC registered boiler expert.
  • Keep on top of roof repairs – winter wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures can take their toll on your roof. If there’s something wrong with your roof your home can become cold, damp, expensive to heat and even structurally unsound. So make sure that you regularly inspect your roof and repair any leaks, replace broken tiles and check that fascias and soffits are in good condition. It’s also essential to make sure your guttering is well maintained and free-flowing, so have it regularly cleaned.
  • Stop your pipes from freezing – when the weather turns sub-zero, water pipes can freeze and burst, causing substantial damage to your home. You can stop this from happening by: insulating your home and your pipes, fixing leaky taps, disconnecting your hose and keeping your heating on low during cold weather. A plumber can insulate your pipes and deal with cracked or burst pipes.
  • Double glaze your windows – if you have single glazed windows, much of the money you spend on heating your home is quite literally going straight out of the window. Double glazing your windows will keep your home warm and could save you up to £135 a year on your heating bills and cut your carbon emissions by 720kg annually, says the EST. Added benefits of double glazing include increased security and sound proofing as well as reduced condensation and a possible boost to the value of your home.
  • Get insulated – in cold weather your home loses more heat than ever, especially if it’s poorly insulated. Check that your walls are externally insulated or fitted with cavity wall insulation and that you have at least 270mm of insulation in your loft. You may even be eligible for a government grant towards the cost of insulating your home; check with your local council for details.
  • Damp proof your home – during the winter months damp can really creep into your home. To prevent this from happening, ensure you have a damp proofing course installed; check that gutters and downward pipes are clear and that your roof is in good repair. Protect against condensation by ensuring humidity levels stay at 65-70%. A damp proofing expert can carry out a survey on your home to diagnose and treat damp.
  • Heat your home with a wood stove – installing a wood stove or boiler could be an eco-friendly option for your home, especially if you don’t have access to a gas mains. According to the EST, a wood burner could save you as much as £390 a year on heating costs if you are replacing coal or electric heating and it can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 9.5 tonnes a year. If you source wood locally and replant the trees you burn, a wood boiler can be a completely carbon neutral heating solution.
  • Plug up your draughts – draught proofing is probably the simplest winter home improvement you can make. Plugging up draughts around your doors, windows and letterbox will save money and energy as well as keeping your home cosy. A draught proofing specialist will use either draught excluders like sealants or strips made of rubber or plastic to keep your home draught free.